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I'll See You In My Dreams

This is more of a story of a man I’m in love with and yet certain circumstances are keeping us apart. He dreams each night of us and they range from erotic to the every day things ie. shopping, talking, etc. but most of his dreams are very symbolic and seem to throw me for their meaning. Maybe you can shed some light on our situation.

Dream No.1

He took me for a drive to the mountain to a park in a lush green forest like something out of a fantasy world. When we got there, there was fruit hanging from all the trees so we picked some and sat and ate them. Then we heard a waterfall close and I wanted to go see so he said to me you go look and I will pick some more fruit and meet you there.

So I took off and after he had picked some fruit he followed my trail to the waterfall. As he was walking he found my top, then a few more metres on found some more clothes and so on. A few more metres along, he said he saw a majestic waterfall and a beautiful pond surrounded by purple and pink lillies, he then noticed a nymph swimming in the water naked and realized it was me with water lily flowers braided in my hair. He said I looked so at peace and the sat down on the side and just watched me no words were spoken, just looks and small gestures. Then I swam up to him and stood out of the water and hugged him and we started kissing.

I undressed him gently and started to slowly coax him into the pond. We swam together in each other’s arms kissing, touching and caressing each other. He said it was so romantic then we swam to the waterfall and swam through it till we saw a little ledge we climbed up it was covered in soft pink lillies. We sat on them and it was so soft and peaceful. We talked, hugged and just gazed into each others eyes for ages, then we made love. He said it was so special it was like we couldn’t get enough of each other. Then we fell asleep on the ledge in each other’s arms.

Dream No.2

He said it was a Saturday morning around 8am. He picked me up and we drove to the mountains and stopped at a little reservoir on the side of the road where we talked cuddled and kissed until I noticed a path so we grabbed our blanket and set off arm in arm singing like kids. We walked for ages ‘til we came across a little creek and this huge willow tree. The water was so cyrstal clear. We sat under the willow tree on our blanket which we sat ontop of the moss.

We talked and kissed then we layed down to hug. He went to roll on top of me and we kept rolling until we hit the water. It was so cold and refreshing we both laughed but didn’t move, we stayed in each other’s arms in the little creek kissing and hugging all day.

Dream No.3

I had organised a room in a hotel in Sydney. It over looked the water. It was a lovely room with spa, nice bed and a fantastic view of the ocean. When we got there we sat on the balcony having drinks and nibblies, watching the tenders moving slowly out to sea wishing we were on one. Then we noticed as the waves crashed onto the rocks and the water sprayed up we could see a rainbow. We sat there watching, it was so nice then we kissed, cuddled and made love.

Ooh I hope you can help with these dreams there is a lot of water involved and the rainbow has thrown me. I read your articles on dreaming of water and well it seems that he is now dreaming outside of ponds to the ocean, yet I don’t quite understand the meaning. Tammy, Sydney, Australia

No Hidden Meanings Here....

Tammy,  these dreams are simply an expression of your man's desire to be with you.  While some of the imagery suggests that you two are meeting somewhere off in the 7th dimension and that you are probably soul mates, they seem more to be about processing his desire for you than anything else.  The mountains speak to the difficulties you must surmount in being together, but it seems your man will be with you, at least in your dreams, if he can't be with you in life.

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