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Love on the Bus

The Right One is often "right in our face"...

Submitted by Stephanie

About a year and a half ago I was the single mom of two kids that worked in a small local bar/restaurant as a cocktail waitress.  My ex still lived with me for the sake of the kids and due to this I felt secure enough that I didn't want another relationship.  One of the other waitresses there that is into astrology and all that kind of destiny/kharma stuff kept telling me that she kept feeling like I shouldn't feel satisfied just living with my ex, she said she felt like if I just opened my eyes and looked the " right one " was right in front of my face. 

A couple of weeks after she starts making these comments to me, I'm getting on the bus to go to work and I see this guy.  Now I have seen him before but never really paid any attention to him (I usually had my head stuck in a book) he smiles at me and two things strike me...I know him from somewhere and how good looking he is.  A few minutes later I am engrossed with my book and he is forgotten, that is when he turned around in his seat and asks "Don't I know you?" I look up and he is directing the question at me. To which I replied that I had thought the same thing when I had got on the bus. 

He told me that he had been thinking that he knew me from somewhere for weeks but never had gotten the nerve to say anything.  After a very good conversation we hadn't figured out where we knew each other from and figured that it was just from seeing each other on the bus everyday for months.  He gave me his phone number and told me to give him a call sometime if I wanted to.  That night I told my ex about it and he encouraged me to call if I wanted, but I took the safe route and convinced my self that I was happy with the way things were. 

I didn't see the man again until a month later. Once again we had a good conversation. I explained to him about the living situation I was in and why I hadn't called.  He said he understood but would like to be just friends with me and he could wait as long as I needed to feel comfortable.  So we went on just talking on the bus for about a month when he asked me to join him for lunch. I accepted and I had such a fabulous time I agreed to keep seeing him.

A couple of months after we started dating my family wanted to meet the person who was making me so happy.  Well while I was trying to get out that situation something I said about him sounded familiar to my stepmom and she started asking me questions about him.  She said that it sounded like this guy she had known for years and that in fact, I myself, had known at one time, when I stilled lived at home.  Now that had been 11 years since I had lived at home so I thought maybe.... so I called him to see if he was the same person. 

He was.  It turned I had met him originally when I was thirteen.  He is a couple of years older than me and had a son at a young age.  One of my dad's friends had a sister quite a bit younger than him.  I babysat her son on numerous occasions and had met her boyfriend.  This man turned out to be her ex boyfriend and I also babysat his son when he was little. 

Now I was pretty blown away with all this but there was more.  I had been at the same family functions he had been at for years.  My family and his son's family spend all our holidays together.  He would usually be there for a little while either to pick up his son or to just see him for a few minutes.  Which meant I had been seeing this man on a regular basis for over half my life. 

In the weeks to come I kept seeing more and more of him.  My ex moved out.  Things at my job got better.  My life all around was happier.  My stepmom kept making comments that she didn't know why she hadn't thought about putting the two of us together before.  Everyone that knew both us said that we were perfect for each other. 

We are now married and I couldn't be happier.  The waitress at the bar was right..." the right one " was in front of my face all along.

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