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Two Very Special Love Stories about Loving Moms

Mom's There When I Need Her Most
- from the other side

Submitted by: Jen

At 8:30 am, I went to the hospital for labor induction. I was the only woman in labor hours later. I spent the first six hours of my labor with a nurse named Jessica. She was beautiful and you can imagine how we bonded with my being alone at the time, anticipating the healthy arrival of my son.

Around five o'clock that night, Jessica's shift ended and she was to go home. My fiance, best friend and aunt Sue had come to be with me through the delivery, but when she had to go home, I got a little hairy. She told me another nurse would come in to help me have my baby and help me through the night.

Ugh, I felt major pain from some serious dilation going on. Jessica left.

Minutes later the night nurse came in. I was in horrible pain. My midwife cleared the room and I felt very alone. This young nurse came to me and held my hand.

She said to me, "Jennifer, I am going to be with you when you have your baby shortly. You are going to be fine and if you need anything you just ask me. My name is Joan."Well, to my inspiration, this meant the world to me. Her name could have been one of a million. But her name was Joan. That was my miracle. Joan was my mother's name. She had died 16 years earlier, when I was ten years old. I felt like my mother was with me. And my child was born so tiny and pink, so healthy and strong.

I truly believe my mother was in that delivery room when my nurse said their name. Love and life happen in mysterious ways.

Panda Knew....

Submitted by: Jamie Churchill

Our dog Panda, an aussie cross, knew that "we" were pregnant before I had actually had a doctor confirm it.

In January of '97 she started getting very protective of me around strangers and my husband and I could not figure out why. We just figured that she was maturing and just felt the need to assert herself around me.

Toward the end of January I was beginning to feel strange and decided that I needed to go to the Doctor. Before I left for the appointment Panda jumped up on me and started to sniff my stomach and nuzzle it.

When I came back from that appointment I knew exactly why her demeanor had changed so dramatically.

To this day she is best friends with our son Sean and I look forward to many years of love and devotion from our special four legged "daughter".

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