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A Meeting of the Minds

"Six year after breaking up with him, he was still an open sore in my heart. It was time to visit him when I had the chance. So I looked up an old friend in Vancouver; Tom said that he was living on an island off the coast of Lund, like the hermit he always imagined himself, living off the land and the sea.

No way to reach him to let him know that I was coming.

I decided to take the chance and go anyway - we'd always been able to communicate telepathically.

All the way up the B.C. coast, I was 'putting out the call: "Russell, I'm coming, be there, at the dock, when I arrive, be there... PLEASE, I don't have enough money to stay anywhere else, so you better be there!!!"

Only 100 or so miles from Vancouver to Lund, up the rugged B.C. coast - a gorgeous drive, but after three ferries and five hours of intense driving through the mountains, all I wanted was to relax with a hot cup of tea....

We arrive at the right dock and the DockMaster tells us, "Sorry, Ma'am, Russ was in town yesterday, and he only comes in every three or four days, think we better call you the water taxi."

So my son and I unload our gear and haul it all down to the dock. The taxi arrives a few minutes later and we're about to start loading, when the DockMaster yells out, "Son of a gun, look who's rounding the cove. No sense loading up, he's on his way in to pick her up himself."

Sure enough, moments later, there's Russell in living colour at the helm of his little boat, shielding his eyes, peering intently at the commotion on the dock.

As he gets close I see the colour drain from his face; "Oh, my God, oh my God, Oh my God" coming almost unconsciously in whispers from his mouth... As he scrambles off the boat, he's exclaiming over and over again: "All the way in I couldn't figure out why I had to come into town today, just kept coming. So, it was you calling me!"

The old magic still worked.

We cleared the air some that week-end, healed the sore enough so I could finally move on....but five years later, I awoke one night sobbing, as if we'd just split up, the memories as fresh as if it had all happened yesterday. It took 16 years before that sore really healed. When we first met, I was so amused that we could "meet" so easily in our minds. Took a long time to let go of such a deep connection.

Heavy magic in that relationship. A meeting of the minds, indeed. Sadly, it wasn't also a meeting of the hearts. We never really got to live heart-to-heart with so much mind energy running.

Here's to thosee meetings of the mind that DO lead to living heart-to-heart....

LLLove, M.L.Danielle Daoust

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