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A Miracle of Healing...

by Pam Meyer

Since 9th grade I have had arthritis. In 1986 M.S. hit me and I was in a wheel chair for 8 months. It completely paralyzed my whole right side and my left leg. It made my arthritis worse. I could hardly get out of bed in the winter months. And when the weather changed I was in pain. Sometimes I would have to sit in a hot tub of water till my skin was red as fire, just to take away some of the pain.

Then in 1996 it was Christmas Eve, we were all in bed. It was around 12:00 am and I just finished saying my prayers when I turned over to put my arm around my husband and noticed the picture of Jesus that I have on the wall. The heart started to glow. Now this picture is about 18 x 24 and came from a Catholic school. It frightened me. At first I thought it must be from the Xmas lights. But the curtains were closed. Then I looked at the picture again and in the left side corner was my dad’s face (died in 1970) and in the right hand corner was my grandfather’s (died in 1982). The heart was glowing reddish orange and very strong now. I closed my eyes thinking I was seeing things. But when I opened them it was still there. ( I prayed every night to please let me have one day without pain, just one is all I asked for.)

All of the sudden I felt this warm rush through my body and the faces were gone and the heart slowly went out. It seemed like it was a long time but it was only a few moments. I shook my husband and asked him if he had seen it, but he had already been asleep. The next day (Xmas day) I got up and for the first time since 1976 my body did not hurt.

To this day my doctor can't understand it. My husband knows what kind of pain I was in, he used to see me cry in pain. I know what happened that night, God gave me the answer to my many years of prayers. But he gave me more than a day, so far I haven't had any pain.

I thank him every day for one less day of pain.

Love is a powerful force in our lives... love creates a bond that makes telepathic communications easy and interdimensional travel natural. The bonds of love can keep ghostly manifestations in their old haunts - and free them to move on finally to the spiritual planes. Through our Real Love Stories, we explore how love is at the root of so many paranormal experiences - and what happens when two people have bonded through the power of love.

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