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The Power of Faith and Prayer

A collection of stories from our visitors attesting to the real power of prayer and the value of keeping the faith...

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Miracles are possible...

By 1993, I had been home with my children for eight years and was feeling quite restless while they were in school. I decided that I would like to do some type of work to occupy myself but still remain home with my children. As soon as this thought came into my mind, I was invited to a book party. The presenter asked if I would be interested in becoming a representative for these books. I told my spirit that if this was what I was supposed to be doing then the $125.00 I needed to start this business would come to me. That next week I received a phone call from a friend of mine asking if I would be interested in a 4 hour acting job and told me that it paid $75.00. I readily accepted. Two days later I received a call from a woman whom told me she had my business card in front of her (I had a mime business before I was married) and was wondering if I would be interested in a mime job in a parade for 3 hours. She said it paid $50.00. Again I readily accepted. After I hung up the phone from talking to her, I realized that I would now have my $125.00 to start my book business with these two jobs that I had accepted. 

What really struck me though was that the business cards that I once used were printed in my maiden name, had some old phone number on it and hadn't been in circulation for 10 years. This woman told me that she was calling me off the information on this business card. I saw this as a miracle.

Guides Help When Asked

A number of years ago, I went to see a psychic for a private reading, she told me so many things about myself and my family, I thought nobody could no, she also told me, my guardian was a nun, and that she was there for me only. 

A few weeks later my thirteen month daughter wasn't very well, I had taken her to the doctor, who said she had tonsillitis, and prescribed penicillin. That night after having 2 doses of her medication, she seemed to get worse, her temperature was soaring very high and I was starting to panic, I had tried everything to bring the temperature down but nothing worked. 

Not knowing what to do, I asked my nun to help me, I prayed to her to make my daughter well. Within a minute, my daughter sat up and stopped crying and held her arms up towards the corner of the room, she was reaching up as if there was someone there she wanted to go to, I stood up and carried her to were she was pointing. I stood there for about 2 minutes, then my daughter lay back in my arms and went to sleep, I sat back down and took her temperature again and It was normal. 

It took 2 minutes for a temperature of 40 to drop down to 35, I was amazed, and totally convinced that we all have wonderful guides watching protecting and helping us. Jodie.

Blessings Work!

One night I decided to bless my home. I never did that, but it was on my mind and I had sort of prepared the water in a beautiful blue bottle on the window. But that night I just was propelled to do it. So I blessed with holy water my door and window and asked my neigbour a total non-believer if he would accept. He said yes right away and I blessed his door only. The next day his friend comes through that door: He is a drunkard according to me but he works, eats etc. That day he fell asleep in that apartment I blessed. He woke up completely moved by a dream about angels...he was so tormented he wanted to die...I started praying for him to calm him down...He could not explain what he saw...J Recine

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