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 The Princess and the Nun

by M.L. Danielle Daoust

The world was awestruck last month at the twin deaths of two of the greatest altruists of our time, one a fairy princess who lived in abundance - with great love - the other, a nun who lived in poverty - with great faith. The contrasts between these two women, their lives and goals are striking - black on white, yet they shared a life’s purpose - to reach out to and care for all those to whom love had been denied.

Like millions of others, I watched the media event that Diana’s funeral created and was stunned by the outpouring of love from every corner of the globe. Diana’s passing was as remarkable as her life. For the last century, spiritual leaders around the world have been attempting to get the world to pray together for world peace and healing. Thanks to Diana, this goal was finally achieved - at her funeral, millions raised their voices in song and the words “make me a channel of Your peace” resounded around the world.... Who knows what the long-term effects can be of millions of folks calling for peace and uttering the words of the Our Father at the same time? From Diana’s death was created an astounding miracle!

Mother Theresa’s passing was equally honoured, not only in India, but around the world - yet few reacted to her death with the same love and grief. Nor did it produce the same call for peace and love. Both great women, truly caring and giving, why was one so well-loved and the other just well-known? The answer is easy - as a nun, Mother Theresa often stood in judgment of those who did not share her beliefs. While she loved all the children she cared for, she was motivated to care for them by anger and frustration with systems that encourage unloving actions. She lived and believed in poverty as the way to God. She shamed the rich and powerful for their ignorance, while lauding the poor for theirs. At the end of the day, she gave hope and life to thousands of children and she raised our consciousness of their plight, but did she really make a difference? Did she change our attitudes in any way? Did she teach us to love and to share wholeheartedly and without judgment?

Diana touched our hearts by being a loving example. Her mission was truly and purely a mission of love. She had no axe to grind, no teachings or principles or religion or rules to preach. Despite the image of the fairy princess, she lived as naturally as possible, an ordinary woman facing the same fears and anxieties about being loved and accepted as millions of women face. But Diana was no ordinary woman. Through her real kindness and generosity of spirit she touched millions. She reached out with pure love and it was returned a million-fold.

But her death will have been valueless, unless the purpose of these twin public tragedies is understood and accepted by all those who expressed their love weeks ago....

While each of us was shocked at Diana’s death and appalled by the poverty that Mother Theresa showed us, how many us took these event personally and accepted responsibility for these events? How many of us asked, why did I/We create this and what must I learn and change now that these amazing public figures have shown what I am thinking and feeling about myself and my world?

There was purpose in these public tragedies - Seth would say that each contained a clear and specific message that was reinforced by the other. "People die for 'a cause' only when they have found no other cause to live by. And when it seems that the world is devoid of meaning, then some people will make a certain kind of statement through the circumstances connected with their own deaths." (From the Individual and the Nature of Mass Events by Jane Roberts.)

I suggest that the lives and deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa reflect a universal tragedy - as a species, we humans are both remarkably loving - and unloving, capable of extraordinary greatness, yet in constant denial - and perhaps fear - of our individual power. Diana was literally hounded to death . She was hunted like bounty because so many of us deny our own personal greatness, projecting it outward on the heros and heroines of our day.... I think her death-bed message to all of us was "leave me alone - go live and love your own lives." Mother Theresa, whose life was dedicated to caring for those denied the foundations of greatness - love - timed her exit to underline this message....

So, if you wish to truly honour the Princess and the Nun, see the love story that was hidden in these events - whether you are aware of it or not, you are the central figure in this particular love story... the princess and the nun have a personal message for you - LOVE YOURSELF, LET YOURSELF BE GREAT!

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