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Sisterly Love Has Real Power

Dream-time warnings....

When my daughter was 8/9 years old, my younger sister, who helped me look after my daughter, was sleeping in the same bedroom with my daughter, opposite my bedroom; when in my sleep I thought I heard my sister calling me to wake up, because there were intruders outside our house.

When I got up, I heard footsteps moving away from my front door, I believe because they had heard that someone was awake in the house. I was sure that I had seen people walking away from the house. But when I went to tell my sister who had woken me up about the men outside, she was still fast asleep! And I wondered if I was dreaming, because I used to sleep walk as a child. I decided not to wake her up.

But the next day, sometime in the afternoon, when we were out on the road,  I mentioned my experience, and as I called my sister's name to tell her about my experience, she nearly jumped, making me jump and swerve the car. At that point, and each time I think about that experience, I have always felt a certain chill in my body. What she told me after some abuse for my having frightened her, and after she calmed down, was quiet interesting.

She said that she had seen exactly the same scene that I had seen while awake; that there were people outside the house near their room, and then they went around to the front door, but that they finally left after reconsidering their move, walking past where my sister and my daughter were sleeping. What was most amazing to us was that in  her dream she was telling me about the people outside the house, and for me to wake up to see what was going on. I guess I got the message!

When we got home after the car ride, now quite shaken by the experiences, we went to check the location where my sister saw the men standing outside the house; and sure enough, there were footprints there.

I sold the the house in question - the room where my sister and daughter were sleeping is against the the hill. My family have been know to have psychic experiences, especially my mother, but this experience is beyond any explanation. Is there a description for it? Thanks for your help, Magdalene

OBE and Sisterly Love Make Powerful Companions!

Danielle Responds:   The story of you and your sister is not uncommon in families that are psychicly attuned to each other. How wonderful that she was able to project this warning from her dream state!  This story also suggests that your sister  is doing some Out Of Body travel in her sleep - checking in on her loved ones, otherwise she would not have been able to see so clearly and send such a clear message to you. She might find that the work of the Monroe Institute - you can find them on the web - would be very interesting to her.  Thanks for a wonderfully heart-warming sorty, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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